Rust’s com­mu­ni­ty did­n’t have such a great day today, as devel­op­er Facepunch announced a “total loss” of some servers in the EU and relat­ed data due to a huge fire.

The stu­dio took to Twit­ter say­ing, “We’ve con­firmed a total loss of the affect­ed EU servers dur­ing the OVH data cen­tre fire. We’re now explor­ing replac­ing the affect­ed servers.”

It appears there might not have been any back­ups, as Facepunch added, “Data will be unable to be restored.” In a lat­er Twit­ter update, the devel­op­er said EU servers were com­ing back online, but all progress had been reset.

This took place at the OVH data cen­ter in Stras­bourg. CEO of the com­pa­ny, Octave Kla­ba, shared some updates on Twit­ter, not­ing that peo­ple who worked there are safe. He said fire­fight­ers arrived on the scene imme­di­ate­ly but could not put the fire out.

You can see a pho­to and video of the dam­age caused by the fire below. The fire’s cause is cur­rent­ly unknown.

Rust will final­ly be head­ing to con­sole, with a release win­dow of Spring 2021.