Although its been quite some time since Rust orig­i­nal­ly launched, it’s still receiv­ing reg­u­lar update. This month the 8 year old game got anoth­er big update that adds quite a bit of new fea­tures for explo­ration beneath the water. This includes under­wa­ter bases, sub­marines, tor­pe­dos, and sharks.

The biggest part of the update are the pro­ce­du­ral­ly gen­er­at­ed under­wa­ter bases, which you can get to via sub­ma­rine. The bases are rather large struc­tures that are more like dun­geons. They’ll con­tain var­i­ous puz­zles and chal­lenges, along with NPCs to duke it out with. They will also fea­ture spaces for just chill­ing with your friends. The devel­op­er explains these spaces are called mess halls and they allow you to play pok­er, lis­ten to music, and cook.

The new sub­ma­rine is a pur­chasable vehi­cles which can be bought from the boat shops. They can fit two play­ers and come with old-school instru­ment pan­els, and the under­wa­ter vehi­cles can be armed with torpedos.

This update also adds fish­ing rods and spear­guns, the lat­ter used to defend against against aggres­sive crea­tures under­wa­ter. Sharks have also been intro­duced, which makes sense, and they can spawn at dive sites. Sounds and effects have also been updat­ed to make the oceans more realistic.

The update is cur­rent­ly live on PC; the stu­dio did­n’t men­tion if or when this update would come to the con­sole ver­sion of the game. You can check out the full patch notes below:

Rust August Update Patch Notes

  • Added pro­ce­dur­al under­wa­ter labs
  • Added sub­marines
  • Added Fish­ing
  • Added 8 new types of fish
  • Added Sharks
  • Added Spear Gun
  • Added side main­te­nance tun­nels at under­ground train sta­tions, where the work cart trains are now kept
  • Added 32 new pre­fabs for map makers
  • Fixed audio lev­el on thrown cas­sette recorders
  • Fixed thrown cas­sette recorders not play­ing when com­ing into net­work range
  • Fixed wires some­times not dis­play­ing when placed at the max­i­mum distance
  • Fixed ice lakes nev­er spawning
  • Fixed pre­fab moun­tains not spawn­ing on large maps
  • Fixed shore wet­ness being applied deep underwater
  • Fixed a graphics.uiscale val­ue of 0.8 hid­ing the search text on the craft­ing screen when at 1080p
  • Turned the excep­tion from a failed ‘con­nect’ con­sole com­mand into a warn­ing. It now shows up in the UI and as a warn­ing in the con­sole, instead of in the UI and as red excep­tion text
  • If a play­er is killed while inside a hurt trig­ger (e.g. barbed wire), always kill them imme­di­ate­ly — same as if they’d died by the hurt trig­ger itself
  • Fixed swamp fog lit at night from 750m
  • Fixed pump jack float­ing decals
  • Improved loot from small under­wa­ter crates
  • Reduced untie time from 8 to 6 seconds
  • Can now copy and paste phone num­bers from the tele­phone dial­ing screen
  • Added a but­ton to copy the cur­rent phone’s num­ber in the dial­ing UI
  • Wires will now snap to the sock­et posi­tion and not the sur­face behind the IO object
  • Can now left click a filled IO sock­et to lim­it the ani­ma­tion to just that socket
  • Can now press RMB while plac­ing wires to remove the last placed point (hold RMB to clear the whole line)
  • Improved per­for­mance, mem­o­ry usage and ini­tial buffer­ing behav­ior when stream­ing inter­net audio
  • Show IO infor­ma­tion in craft­ing panel
  • Boom box­es con­nect­ed to the same URL should now play in sync with each oth­er and only use a sin­gle web stream
  • Improved beat detec­tion on dance floor, sound lights, and laser lights
  • Improved fish­ing vil­lage spawn­ing (more of them on small­er maps, bet­ter coast­line coverage)
  • Recy­cler right-click item trans­fer now rejects items that can’t be recy­cled, does­n’t move them to the input
  • Right-click mov­ing items to recy­cler now stops once the input slots are full, does­n’t start fill­ing out­put slots
  • Made it eas­i­er to jump onto the under­ground rail plat­forms while stand­ing on the train tracks
  • Improved swamp fog visually
  • Toned down CCTV blur
  • Reduced hurt/cold/hot overlay
  • Deluxe xmas lights now allow passthrough
  • Small sign can now be placed on deployables