Round-Up of Everything From EA’s E3 Conference

EA showed a pletho­ra of games today, most which were expect­ed, but with a few sur­pris­es dur­ing the con­fer­ence. Below you can see every trail­er that was shown today:

Battlefield V 

DICE spoke a lit­tle bit more about what is includ­ed in Bat­tle­field V’s mul­ti­play­er and revealed a mul­ti­play­er trail­er. You can learn more about the next Bat­tle­field install­ment, here

FIFA 19 


Madden NFL 19

This Mad­den will be com­ing to PC play­ers, after a decade of only being on console.


Origin Access Premier

This is a brand new sub­scrip­tion ser­vices for PC play­ers. You can see more of what it includes and pric­ing, here.


Unravel Two

The sec­ond title in the Unrav­el fran­chise was also revealed today. A small game­play run was done, involv­ing a chick­en. You can see all the info on Unrav­el Two, here.


Sea of Solitude 

This indie title was picked up by EA back in 2015, but final­ly got a reveal trail­er today. It’s part of EA’s Orig­i­nals pro­gram, and is an emo­tion­al­ly dri­ven game.


Command and Conquer Rivals

This is a new title among the long fran­chise, but is only for mobile. You can see more, here.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

Although this game had no reveal trail­er, it was men­tioned by Respawn’s Vince Zam­pel­la (who was sit­ting in the crowd) who gave a small amount of detail regrad­ing the new Star Wars title. Zam­pel­la stat­ed Jedi: Fall­en Order would be tak­ing place between Episode ΙΙΙ and ΙV with­in the movie series. 

Not­ed on the games web­site, the sto­ry revolves “around a sur­viv­ing Padawan,” dur­ing the “dark times” when Jedi were being hunt­ed down. Zam­pel­la also revealed on Twit­ter this is going to be a sin­gle-play­er sto­ry experience. 

None of this is much to go on, but does hint a poten­tial­ly amaz­ing game. Jedi: Fall­en Order is set to release around the hol­i­day sea­son of 2019, unless delays happen. 

Star Wars Battlefront ΙΙ Info

DICE revealed there will be sev­er­al large updates com­ing to Star Wars Bat­tle­front ΙΙ. Play­ers will be able to bat­tle dur­ing the Clone Wars time peri­od, along with new playable char­ac­ters such as, Anakin Sky­walk­er, Count Dooku, Gen­er­al Griev­ous, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

DICE design­er direc­tor Den­nis Bran­nvall, stat­ed the Clone Wars has “the largest lev­el we’ve ever built for Bat­tle­front.” This marks the first time play­ers will be able to use char­ac­ters from the pre­quel era, or to vis­it the plan­et Geono­sis (where the Clone Wars started). 

Addi­tion­al­ly, EA is adding new con­tent to the Han Solo sea­son next week, includ­ing a new squad sys­tem, starfight­er mode, and envi­ron­ments on Kessel. 

There was no offi­cial release date for any DLC.

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