Returnal’s Suspend Cycle Feature Can Be Used As A Save Point — Sort Of

House­mar­que’s recent­ly-released patch for Retur­nal allows play­ers to sus­pend their runs in the rouge­like game, giv­ing play­ers a break from the time-con­sum­ing game­play. How­ev­er, it seems this new fea­ture can do much more than that. Play­ers have found an exploit that can use it to save their progress, pro­vid­ing a nice reload point in the mid­dle of an ongo­ing run.

The devel­op­er added the sus­pend option a lit­tle over a week ago, which was a need­ed improve­ment to begin with. This rouge­like is rather pun­ish­ing, as runs can last up to three hours at a time, demand­ing a lot of atten­tion from the play­er. What’s more, if a PS5 run­ning Retur­nal turns off or is put into rest mode before this recent patch was added, all progress from that run would have been lost.

By sus­pend­ing their cur­rent run and upload­ing it to the cloud, Retur­nal play­ers can effec­tive­ly make save of the game. If they end up dying, play­ers can then quit the game, down­load their save from the cloud, and con­tin­ue from the exact loca­tion they pre­vi­ous­ly sus­pend­ed the game.

This obvi­ous­ly allows play­ers to eas­i­ly breeze through Retur­nal. How­ev­er, play­ers will need to have a PS+ sub­scrip­tion to use to exploit, since this gives them access to the cloud save stor­age on PS5.

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