Returnal Is Getting A Big Patch Tomorrow, Dev Suggests Turning Off Auto-Updates

Retur­nal is going to get its first big patch tomor­row, May 5th. But ahead of the update, devel­op­er House­mar­que is warn­ing play­ers to turn off auto-update on their PS5’s, one of the con­ve­nience fea­tures. This is so the play­er won’t lose progress. The patch is sched­uled to be released at 12:00 p.m. PT/ 3:00 p.m. ET.

The stu­dio issued this warn­ing in a tweet, telling play­ers to turn off the fea­tures and link­ing to a Sony sup­port page of a how-to. The rea­son­ing behind this makes sense. If the PS5 is already in sus­pend mode when the update goes live, it will auto­mat­i­cal­ly quit the game to apply the update. If you were mid-run, this would cause pro­gres­sion loss. 

Rest mode is the only way that Retur­nal play­ers can take a break from a run, since the game does­n’t have any save points at all. Many play­ers have been request­ing the stu­dio patch in this fea­ture, though some have argued it goes against what was intend­ed of the game. 

To turn of auto-update, you can go to Set­tings > Saved Data and Game/App Set­ting > Auto­mat­ic Updates. Once there you can tog­gle the auto-down­load and auto-install when the con­sole is in Rest Mode.

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