Respawn Enter­tain­ment has been through quite a change over the last four years, espe­cial­ly after Titan­fall 2 did­n’t sell as well as EA expect­ed. Since then, Respawn has made a come­back with Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order and the bat­tle royale, Apex Leg­ends.

With all the growth they’ve expe­ri­enced in 2019, Respawn is now look­ing to open a sec­ond stu­dio in Van­cou­ver. This stu­dio is will be focus­ing entire­ly on Apex Leg­ends. Some key Respawn staff con­duct­ed inter­views with, giv­ing details about the deci­sion to open anoth­er studio.

Chad Gre­nier, Apex game direc­tor and Hen­ry Lee both gave rea­sons for the deci­sion to expand with­in the inter­view. Lee states that mov­ing a new stu­dio to Van­cou­ver would put them in clos­er prox­im­i­ty to the EA Van­cou­ver cen­ter, which would help to lever­age resources more effi­cient­ly. Gre­nier added that the new loca­tion will help to grow Apex Leg­ends into a larg­er fran­chise like FIFA 20 and Call of Duty.

The Van­cou­ver stu­dio has been work­ing since 2019, the staff are all cur­rent­ly work­ing remote­ly due to the pan­dem­ic. It seems the announce­ment is more fig­u­ra­tive than con­crete — at least for now. Although the new stu­dio isn’t ful­ly func­tion­ing yet, it should help alle­vi­ate some strain for the Cal­i­for­nia stu­dio and min­i­mize crunch.