Resident Evil Village Sold Faster Than RE7 — Reached 5 Million Sales

Cap­com has announced that Res­i­dent Evil Vil­lage has passed the 5 mil­lion shipped copies mark, which includes dig­i­tal sold copies. The news release from the com­pa­ny said Res­i­dent Evil Vil­lage reached 5 mil­lion units shipped faster than Res­i­dent Evil 7: Bio­haz­ard, which is the best-sell­ing Res­i­dent Evil title at 10 mil­lion sold. If Res­i­dent Evil Vil­lage can con­tin­ue with its sales pace, it may become the new best-sell­er Capcom.

By reach­ing 5 mil­lion shipped copies, Res­i­dent Evil Vil­lage has become Cap­com’s 10th best-sell­ing game with­in the com­pa­ny’s his­to­ry. The orig­i­nal Res­i­dent Evil 2 sold 4.96 mil­lion units and was pre­vi­ous­ly in Vil­lage’s place on Cap­com’s all-time top-sell­ing list.

How­ev­er, Cap­com’s best-sell­ing game over­all con­tin­ues to be Mon­ster Hunter World, which has sold more than 20 mil­lion copies. 

Res­i­dent Evil Vil­lage shipped 3 mil­lion copies right after launch in May, which brought the entire fran­chise past 100 mil­lion copies sold. It man­aged to ship 4.5 mil­lion units in July and has now reached the 5 million.

Of course, it’s unknown if Res­i­dent Evil Vil­lage will reach the 10 mil­lion mark that Bio­haz­ard did, but it has done rather well for itself none the less.

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