Resident Evil 4 VR Will Launch On Oculus Quest At The End Of October

Ocu­lus has announced that Res­i­dent Evil 4 VR will be com­ing to the Quest 2 on Octo­ber 21st. This is a com­plete­ly reimag­ined ver­sion of the clas­sic game and brings a brand-new way to expe­ri­ence this amaz­ing hor­ror title.

It sup­ports full-motion and tele­por­ta­tion trav­el moments, as well as changes how play­ers inter­act with items. Play­ers can direct­ly grab items from their own body, like a gun on their belt, a health pack on the shoul­der, or the knife from the chest hol­ster. Play­ers are even required to reload their weapons by pulling out ammo from a pouch a load­ing it.

Puz­zles and type­writ­ers (save spots) have been recre­at­ed so play­ers can inter­act with those in the VR space as well. The inven­to­ry sys­tem also allows play­ers to move all of their items around phys­i­cal­ly. Cutscenes are pre­sent­ed on a the­ater screen instead of first-per­son VR. Climb­ing lad­ders or jump­ing through windows–as well as sim­i­lar actions–will be in third-person.

A remake of Res­i­dent Evil 4 is rumored to be in the works right now, which would be an amaz­ing addi­tion to the new con­soles, as well as fans of Res­i­dent Evil.

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