Reasons Official Ark Servers Should be Wiped

Any­one who has played on an Ark offi­cial serv­er would know the tri­als of hav­ing to play on them. If Wild­card wants their dat­ed release on August 8th to actu­al­ly mat­ter, they should wipe the slate clean for any new play­ers that will show up. 

  1. Crowd­ed Servers — Most servers are full on capac­i­ty with just the num­ber of play­ers it can hold, which is 75. Even if these play­ers are not on all at the same time they, the num­bers can get pret­ty high dur­ing busy times of the day. When I was play­ing on offi­cial servers, we were hit­ting 60–65 play­ers on a reg­u­lar basis who would be on for a major­i­ty of the day. 
  2. Too Many Dinosaurs — With so many play­ers on one serv­er, you also run into the prob­lem of too many dinosaurs. Not only does this cause lag, but play­ers often hit their cap and have to resort to killing, giv­ing away, or let­ting them roam around freely. It’s not just the tribes that hit their cap lim­its, but the entire serv­er as well. Tons have report­ed reach­ing a serv­er wide dino lim­it (yes that is possible). 
  3. Land Claims and Build­ings Every­where — Every­one who has played knows the strug­gle of land claim­ing. Some­one would pil­lar (which is now set­ting down foun­da­tions) to claim land around their base to keep oth­er play­ers from build­ing near them. Any­one who already has an estab­lished tribe with mul­ti­ple build­ings that serve for every pur­pose need­ed in the game, you are talk­ing 5 or more per tribe. This is means 375 build­ings around the map, along with walls to hold the dinos, and any var­i­ous traps peo­ple use for oth­er play­ers and dinosaurs. 
  4. Adding New Clus­ters Would­n’t Work — New serv­er clus­ters won’t solve any prob­lems, because orig­i­nal or “OG” tribes will just go to the new clus­ters and set up shop. They’ll claim land on the new servers, keep­ing new play­ers out, while still main­tain­ing the old servers they have been work­ing on. 
  5. Dup­ing is a Real Prob­lem — Although dup­ing will not be solved when wip­ing the servers, as it is a prob­lem that needs to be solved by Wild­card, it will force them to restart the process all over again. Maybe giv­ing new play­ers a chance to expe­ri­ence the game before the dupers ruin it for them. 

For these rea­sons alone, any new play­ers who would join in August at Ark’s offi­cial launch, would have an awful time and it would ruin their expe­ri­ence. The prob­lems with space, not just with play­ers but dinos too, is one of the biggest prob­lems. New play­ers have no space to build, grow, and progress. The servers need to be wiped if Wild­card wants to give any fair chance to new play­ers. I say emp­ty the offi­cial servers for all on August 8th, 2017!

I am a Platinum lover and an ex- Cod-aholic. I've been playing games since I was 5 years old and I refuse to quit, despite my mother's attempts to get me to. God of War and its successors are my all time favorite games.

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