Ear­li­er teasers have con­firmed, as Activi­sion has for­mal­ly announced the 80’s Action Heroes DLC is arriv­ing to Call of Duty: War­zone, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and CoD: Mobile this month. This includes con­tent for film char­ac­ters Ram­bo and John McClane from Die Hard.

While this con­tent is com­ing to these titles, most of it may not come right away as part of the May 20th update. A new teas­er was also released, show­ing Sylvester Stal­lone’s Ram­bo and Nakato­mi Plaza from Die Hard. Aside from the pre­sumed Ram­bo and McClane Operators/skins no more details were giv­en on what’s includ­ed in the new DLC. How­ev­er, a com­pound bow and explo­sive arrows might be fea­tured, as a teas­er video sug­gest­ed ear­li­er in the week.

May 20th is right around the cor­ner and as it approach­es, we will like­ly hear more about the ’80’s Action Heroes con­tent before it’s released.

War­zone has Oper­a­tors based on real-life sol­diers, but these two char­ac­ters would be the first licensed Oper­a­tors to arrive to the game. Fort­nite has been adding these kinds of char­ac­ters for quite some time, but now Activi­sion is dip­ping its fin­gers in that pie as well.