Rainbow Six Extraction Heading To Xbox Game Pas On Day One

Rain­bow Six Extrac­tion is com­ing to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on launch day, as revealed by both Ubisoft and Microsoft. The co-op FPS will be avail­able on Jan­u­ary 20th.

Ubisoft­’s Chris Ear­ly said the deci­sion to bring Extrac­tion to Game Pass day one is meant to show how Ubisoft see the “val­ue and choice that game sub­scrip­tions offer to players.”

Of course, Rain­bow Six Extrac­tion won’t be the only title from the series com­ing to Xbox Game Pass. Rain­bow Six Siege is also being added to PC Game Pass on Jan­u­ary 20th, while the con­sole ver­sion for Game Pass will have its avail­abil­i­ty peri­od extend­ed (Ubisoft did not clar­i­fy for how long).

For those who wish to pur­chase Extrac­tion, it can be pre­ordered right now for $40 USD. It comes with two “Bud­dy Pass” tokens that allows you to play with friends for up to 14 days across plat­forms. All progress for free play­ers will car­ry over if they decide to pur­chase the game.

Although Rain­bow Six Extrac­tion takes ele­ments from Rain­bow Six Siege, Ubisoft is adamant the two games will appeal to dif­fer­ent audi­ences, with the title’s cre­ative direc­tor say­ing the two games are “very different.”

Ubisoft also recent­ly announced that Ubisoft+ will be mak­ing its way to Xbox at some point. It’s unclear if this ser­vice will be mixed in with Xbox Game Pass. In oth­er Extrac­tion news, Ubisoft revealed the specs need­ed run the game on PC.

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