Rainbow Six Extraction Has An Official Release Date And New Trailer

As part of the Ubisoft For­ward show­case at E3 2021, the pub­lish­er revealed a new cin­e­mat­ic trail­er for Rain­bow Six Extrac­tion, the lat­est entry in the Tom Clan­cy strat­e­gy shoot­er. Ubisoft also con­firmed a released date for the title, which is rather soon: Sep­tem­ber 16th, 2021.

The trail­er showed off numer­ous dif­fer­ent Oper­a­tor char­ac­ters and told some of the sto­ry. An alien inva­sion has over­run San Fran­cis­co and, of course, it’s up to you to end the mon­ster’s assault.

Some of the Oper­a­tors seen are famil­iar faces, and Oper­a­tors who have been tak­en by the invaders must be res­cued before they can be used. Each Oper­a­tor will have their own unique set of skills.

Ubisoft con­firmed that Rain­bow Six Extrac­tion will sup­port cross-play and play­ers on dif­fer­ent con­sole gen­er­a­tions can play togeth­er as well.

Game­play was also shown and Ubisoft dis­cussed how some of the gad­gets and abil­i­ties in Extrac­tions will be famil­iar to Rain­bow Six play­ers. Although some things are recy­cled, Extrac­tion will have new weapons to deal with the alien threat. 

Progress dur­ing mis­sions will be lost if the mis­sion is unsuc­cess­ful. So there is Souls-like ele­ment to this Rain­bow Six entry. Ubisoft also enlight­ened fans on how the alien out­break start­ed. A par­a­site was dis­cov­ered in New Mex­i­co and spread across the world, con­tin­u­ing to evolve along the way–and mak­ing it hard­er to defeat.

Orig­i­nal­ly shown back in 2019, Extrac­tion was being devel­oped under the title Rain­bow Six Quar­an­tine. Obvi­ous­ly, the pan­dem­ic played a big role in Ubisoft­’s deci­sion to rename the game.

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