Ragnarok For Consoles Delayed Again!!!! 3rd Time!!!

Ark con­sole play­ers again are served anoth­er delay, Free DLC Ark Rag­narok has been delayed again. Today, via a twit­ter post link­ing a post on the offi­cial Ark forums, Wild­card has delayed Rag­narok for con­soles again.

This time NO ETA or release date was giv­en except say­ing that on July 19th (The Day We Were Sup­posed To Get Rag­narok For The 3rd Time) they will post a “State Of The Game” post­ing to let us know what we can expect.

Rag­narok Delay on Consoles

I hate to be the bear­er of bad news and espe­cial­ly when it’s as dis­ap­point­ing as this, but Rag­narok will not be releas­ing on the 19th of July. I know a lot of you guys have been wait­ing a long time for it and we’re incred­i­bly sor­ry. We tried very hard to meet the dead­line, but as of where we stand now with the focus over the past 2 weeks of prepar­ing for “cer­ti­fi­ca­tion”, we know we’re not able to. It’s frus­trat­ing, and we know we’ve already missed 2 ETAs for the map but afraid it’s look­ing like it will still be a while out. I will be post­ing an announce­ment on Wednes­day, shar­ing the new release date we have planned, as well as a full “state of the game” overview that will go into some detail about our plans for the next month. That’ll hap­pen once we’ve wrapped up our sub­mis­sion (which is essen­tial­ly con­sum­ing Tues­day), and can sit down togeth­er to have a chat.- Jat Wild­card’s Lead Com­mu­ni­ty Man­ag­er and Asso­ciate Producer

Also addressed was the for­ev­er upcom­ing PS4 patch for Ark,

Where is the PS4 update?

The PS4 update will def­i­nite­ly be com­ing this week, as we’ll be sub­mit­ting our con­sole certs this week. We should wrap up Xbox today, and then we’ll be help­ing out Abstrac­tion as much as we can to bring the PS4 up to spec! It’s been a long wait, and this is going to be a very big patch, but there will be a lot of improve­ments, espe­cial­ly to dash­board­ing as our new mem­o­ry-man­age­ment sys­tem comes in place. It’s dif­fi­cult to give a pre­cise date for when it’ll drop, as it’ll be based on when we sub­mit and how we wrap it up, but we’re expect­ing some­where between Wednes­day and Fri­day. If that changes, we’ll, of course, let you know, but we’ll be doing our best along­side Abstrac­tion to meet it.- Jat Wild­card’s Lead Com­mu­ni­ty Man­ag­er and Asso­ciate Producer

Looks like con­sole play­ers as a whole will have to keep wait­ing for the promis­es to stop being bro­ken. PS4 users specif­i­cal­ly still have to wait for a much need­ed Patch. Wild­card is on a very, very slip­pery slope and the gamers are the ones who are being punished.

Head over to the Offi­cial Ark forums to check out the post in its entirety.

Are you still hang­ing in there with Ark, hop­ing it will get bet­ter? Or are you like the many, many peo­ple who have just quit and moved on to oth­er games that don’t hang you out to dry so much?

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