A new PS5 update has added an alert when the sys­tem detects you may be acci­den­tal­ly run­ning the last-gen ver­sion of a game that has an updat­ed PS5 ver­sion. This update fix­es a some­what con­fus­ing issue PS5 users have been expe­ri­enc­ing since the con­soles launch.

Not­ed by Twit­ter user Tidux, when start­ing the PS4 ver­sion of a game on your PS5, now prompts a dia­logue box. It alerts the user that they’ve launched a last-gen ver­sion, and then allow­ing them to switch to the PS5 ver­sion instead.

When the PS5 first launched, var­i­ous cross-gen­er­a­tion games would default to their PS4 ver­sions. Obvi­ous­ly this left quite a few play­ers con­fused as to why the games did­n’t look or run bet­ter, because they were sup­posed to be play­ing the next-gen version. 

While this does solve the prob­lem, it isn’t as effi­cient as Microsoft­’s Xbox Smart Deliv­ery. Their sys­tem auto-detects which ver­sion is opti­mized for the hard­ware you’re play­ing on and down­loads the prop­er one. 

Pre­vi­ous­ly, a series of steps had to be fol­lowed to con­firm you were play­ing the cor­rect PS5 ver­sion. This includ­ed going through an options menu that would show you the plat­form explicitly.