PS5 Supply Has Seen An Increase, Giving Cosumers “Much Easier” Access To One, Accoridng To Sony

It’s been sev­er­al years since the PlaySta­tion 5 launched, and it has­n’t exact­ly been the eas­i­est con­sole to find due to semi­con­duc­tor short­ages, among oth­er issues faced dur­ing the height of the pan­dem­ic. How­ev­er, Sony is now let­ting fans know they should have a “much eas­i­er time” nab­bing one of these consoles.

In a blog post, PlaySta­tion exec­u­tive Isabelle Toma­tis thanked fans for their patience as Sony went through “unprece­dent­ed demand” for the PlaySta­tion 5, with the “glob­al chal­lenges” that lim­it­ed the sys­tem worldwide.

If you’re look­ing to pur­chase a PS5 con­sole, you should now have a much eas­i­er time find­ing one at retail­ers glob­al­ly,” Toma­tis stated.

This should­n’t be of any sur­prise, since Sony com­ment­ed dur­ing CES this month that the PS5 short­age was prac­ti­cal­ly over. Despite the short­ages, Sony has man­aged to sell over 30 mil­lion units thus far.

Con­sumers can check out the offi­cial PlaySta­tion Store to buy a PS5 or vis­it a local retail­er where stock should be more avail­able. Of course, there are no guarantees.

Sony also released a new PlaySta­tion adver­tise­ment that con­tained a pos­si­ble teas­er for what some believe is Unchart­ed 5.

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