PS5 Pro Reportedly In Development, Might Release In 2024

The PS5 has been out for less than 3 years, but a high­er-spec ver­sion might already be in the works. A new reports from Insid­er Gam­ing claims a hypo­thet­i­cal PS5 Pro is cur­rent­ly being devel­oped, and that Sony is plan­ning on a late-2024 launch win­dow. Sim­i­lar to the PS4 Pro, this PS5 Pro would include bet­ter specs, allow­ing for bet­ter per­for­mance and visuals.

Along­side Insid­er Gam­ing’s unnamed source, the report also con­tains a recent patent filed by PlaySta­tion con­sole archi­tect Mark Cerny. The patent looks to boost the per­for­mance of ray trac­ing tech, a pos­si­ble rea­son for the PS5 upgrade. It also claims the next gen­er­a­tion of PlaySta­tion con­soles, the PS6, won’t be releas­ing until 2028.

The report notes that although recent chip short­ages have eased up some­what, it still a lim­it­ed sup­ply, so it would­n’t be log­i­cal for Sony to pro­duce this right now. It’s unclear if devel­op­ers have pushed the lim­its of the exist­ing PS5, as many devel­op­ers are still mak­ing game for both the PS5 and PS4.

Insid­er Gam­ing has a his­to­ry of report­ing on pos­si­ble new PS5 hard­ware. Back in Sep­tem­ber 2022, the out­let report­ed Sony was plan­ning on launch­ing a slim ver­sion of the PS5 that fea­tured a detach­able disc dri­ve.

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