PS5 Passes 17 Million In Sales, Sony Says 10 Live Service Games Coming By 2026

Sony has released its lat­est earn­ings report, bring­ing to light how well PlaySta­tion is doing busi­ness wise. Sony sold anoth­er 3.9 mil­lion PS5 units for the lat­est quar­ter, push­ing the con­sole’s life­time sales num­ber 17.3 mil­lion as of Decem­ber 31st, 2021.

To com­pare, ana­lyst Daniel Ahmad reminds us that Sony sold 20.2 mil­lion PS4 units with­in a sim­i­lar time­frame. Of course, there is a good rea­son for this. The ongo­ing sup­ply chain issues due to the pan­dem­ic have been severe­ly impact­ing the tech indus­try as a whole, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for Sony to keep up with demand.

Sony is expect­ing this issue to per­sist, so the com­pa­ny has cut its PS5 sales fore­cast down by about 2 mil­lion for the cur­rent quar­ter, The com­pa­ny pre­vi­ous­ly thought the PS5 would reach 22.6 mil­lion units shipped by March 2022, how­ev­er, this num­ber was down­grad­ed to 19.3 mil­lion, accord­ing to Ahmad. Ana­lyst Piers Hard­ing-Rolls said in a tweet that the new fore­cast was “pret­ty sobering.”

Anoth­er big take­away from Sony’s earn­ing’s report is that the com­pa­ny is expect­ing to launch ten live-ser­vice games by March 2026. PlaySta­tion CEO Jim Ryan pre­vi­ous­ly spoke about heav­i­ly invest­ing in live ser­vice games in the future. This is the one of the rea­sons it spent $3.6 bil­lion to acquire Bungie this week. Sony did not announce any of their live-ser­vice projects in development.

Oth­er stats from Sony’s earn­ings brief­ing includes the 11.3 mil­lion units of first-par­ty games sold dur­ing the quar­ter, with dig­i­tal games mak­ing up 62% of that. Sony is also report­ed to have 48 mil­lion PlaySta­tion Plus mem­bers and 111 mil­lion month­ly active PlaySta­tion users.

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