Today marks the first time any­one has seen an unclose look at the PS5 direct­ly from Sony. VP of the mechan­i­cal design, Yasuhi­ro Ootori, broke down what fea­tures the next-gen con­sole has, as well as open­ing it up for a view of the inter­nal make­up.

Ootori first showed off the ports on the edge of the sys­tem, includ­ing a USB‑C port, fol­lowed by some atten­tion to the PS5 stand. When the PS5 is ver­ti­cal, it’s attached to the stand with one screw, much like the PS4. When turned on its side, the screw is removed, being replaced by two hooks on the side of the stand.

The white pan­els seem easy enough to remove, only need­ing a cor­ner to be popped up before the rest can be slid off. You can access the PS5 stor­age from here, with a slot for an addi­tion­al SSD that you get to with­out tear­ing the con­sole apart. This is also were you’ll vac­u­um dust from the sys­tem through spe­cial “dust catch­ers.”

As one should expect, there are a pletho­ra of chips and boards, but there are two lay­ers on insu­la­tors for the disc dri­ve. They are intend­ed to both reduce vibra­tion and noise when discs are spin­ning. There’s also a liq­uid met­al cool­ing mech­a­nism attached to the board that Ootori says has been in devel­op­ment for more than two years.