PS4 Version of LawBreakers Has Another Patch After Its Day One Patch

Law­Break­ers is a brand new are­na shoot­er, made by Boss Key Stu­dios and pub­lished by Nex­on, which was just released on August 8th. With no real sur­prise, the game required a day one patch for the PS4 ver­sion deal­ing with freez­ing issues play­ers were experiencing.

The freeze ups (or hitch­ings) were hap­pen­ing dur­ing game­play when play­ers would change roles or leave a match. This would only hap­pen for a frac­tion of a sec­ond, but this is just long enough to be a prob­lem. Oth­er play­ers were report­ing it while doing nei­ther of those actions, but this was like­ly due to oth­er play­ers caus­ing the hitching.

The team at Boss Key did man­age to get the patch done and out for play­ers yes­ter­day, so they got it done fast and early.

Today, they imple­ment­ed anoth­er patch to try and fix the hitch­ing issue. They told play­ers to close the appli­ca­tion and com­plete­ly restart it:

No offi­cial release on what the patch notes actu­al­ly include. The play­ers are thrilled with the way the devel­op­ment teams fast action. Hope­ful­ly, any­more prob­lems with Law­Break­ers will end up with the same results.

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