Ear­li­er this year, reports were cir­cu­lat­ing that the PlaySta­tion 4’s inter­nal clock had to poten­tial to essen­tial­ly brick mil­lions of con­soles. Thank­ful­ly, those who are still using their PS4’s as their main sys­tem won’t have to wor­ry, since the issue appears to have been fixed with firmware update 9.0.

The con­sole’s inter­nal clock is tied to play­ing games and unlock­ing tro­phies. When play­ing a game, the PS4 checks this clock to make sure it has­n’t been tam­pered with, before it can allow users to play. This is to pre­vent play­ers from chang­ing dates to make it look like tro­phies were unlocked ear­li­er than they actu­al­ly were.

How­ev­er, if the CMOS bat­tery pow­er­ing the clock dies and the PS4 isn’t con­nect­ed to the inter­net, the PS4 has no way to check the inter­nal clock. This results in the con­sole being unable to play games at all.

Thank­ful­ly, the issues appears to have been resolved. As its been report­ed on Twit­ter and ver­i­fied by YouTu­ber Mod­ern Vin­tage Gamer, who actu­al­ly test­ed these reports. Mod­ern Vin­tage Gamer removed the CMOS bat­tery while run­ning a PS4 on the new firmware and con­firmed the issue was fixed.

Even­tu­al­ly, Sony will shut down PSN sup­port for the PS4, like they almost did with the PlaySta­tion Vita and PlaySta­tion 3 dig­i­tal stores–a deci­sion Sony lat­er took back. If this issue was­n’t fixed and the PSN sup­port was shut­ter­ing, mil­lions of con­soles with dead bat­ter­ies would just be unplayable.