PS VR Game ‘Headmaster’ Gets Party Mode Update

Announced today via PlaySta­tion’s blog, Frame Inter­ac­tive (mak­ers of Head­mas­ter) revealed their new update Par­ty Mode, which launched today.

This update is adding enhance­ment for the PS4 Pro, along with 9 more Par­ty mode lev­els, and the abil­i­ty to add your ini­tials. You can see what they have added below:

PS4 Pro Enhance­ments 

Head­mas­ter will now be ren­der­ing its images up to 2x super­sam­pling with MSAA (mul­ti­sam­ple anti-alias­ing). This just means you’ll be able to bet­ter judge dis­tance, speed, things that are impor­tant to what this game is try­ing to sim­u­late. It runs at 90 FPS on both PS4 and PS4 Pro, but Pro will now be notice­ably sharper. 

Nine New Par­ty Levels

PS VR Game 'Headmaster' Gets Party Mode Update

The local mul­ti­play­er the team added has now been renamed to Par­ty Mode and giv­en more lev­els then they teased at launch. Some lev­els are com­plete­ly new, while oth­ers are remix­es of cur­rent ele­ments. A list of all nine new lev­els was giv­en, which you can see below:

  • Big Mon­key — A giant, inflat­able, used car sale goril­la that acts out a low-rent King Kong cir­cus per­for­mance. I should just stop there.
  • Robert’s Room — Actu­al­ly play in a room with mini balls and tar­gets. See if you can dis­lodge Robert from the toilet.
  • Rock and Bowl — Bowl­ing redone with black­lights and splat­ter paint
  • Bas­ket­case — A new­ly done up bas­ket­ball challenge.
  • Speed Round 2 — A new speed round with spe­cial surprises
  • Facil­i­ty Tour — Sev­er­al clas­sic lev­els all in one, quick­ly mov­ing between them in a sin­gle level.
  • Non-Alco­holic Pong — Clas­sic Head­mas­ter non-beer pong rearranged
  • Darts — It’s still darts taped to soc­cer balls like you’d expect
  • Car­ni­val — The clas­sic car­ni­val exam remixed for Par­ty Mode

Enter Your Initials

Request­ed (I can see why) by play­ers, they added a fea­ture allow­ing you to enter your ini­tials when you get an All-Time High Score for a Par­ty Mode lev­el on the PS4. So, go ahead and beat your girl­friend or room­mate, put that A.S.S at the top just for kicks.

PS VR Game 'Headmaster' Gets Party Mode Update 

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