PS VR Has Another Horror Game Coming: Called “The Persistence”

On PlaySta­tion’s blog today, Fire­sprite (a Liv­er­pool-based devel­op­er) gave some detail regard­ing a “dis­turb­ing first-per­son hor­ror experience.”

PS VR Has Another Horror Game Coming: Called "The Persistence"

You play onboard a research ves­sel called The Per­sis­tence, which has been sent to study a col­laps­ing star. An exper­i­ment trig­gers a cat­a­stroph­ic fail­ure, caus­ing the ship’s com­put­er tries to “save the day” by recon­struct­ing the deceased crew mem­bers. This caus­es a tremen­dous error in the process trans­form­ing the mem­bers into mutants.…

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, you are in cryosleep (that sucks), have to wake up this shit, then nav­i­gate the ship in an attempt to get the engines up and run­ning again before you get sucked into a black hole (bad work day).

PS VR Has Another Horror Game Coming: Called "The Persistence"

The ship is pro­ce­du­ral­ly gen­er­at­ed. Every time you die, you wake up as a dif­fer­ent per­son with a new ship lay­out. Accord­ing to them “And die you will — death is an inte­gral part of the game­play loop. Also, s you play, col­lect stem cells and use them to enhance your char­ac­ter after your death. Ben­e­fits like health, speed, and stealth. Sounds like fun.

Weapons include a nifty Stem Cell Har­vester, a sidearm that syphons cells from ene­mies with fatal results. A Grav­i­ty Bomb that drops a minia­ture black hole that devours ene­mies. The Rage Serum injec­tor grants a tem­po­rary super-strength so you beat the crap out of these mutants. Of course, there are the usu­al firearms as well. 

The Per­sis­tence has no cur­rent release date, but it is def­i­nite­ly com­ing to PS VR and appears to be a game to play on the VR

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