Prime Members Can Grab 25 Free Games Right Now Ahead Of Prime Day

Ama­zon Prime Day will offi­cial­ly be hap­pen­ing from July 12th through July 13th, but Prime mem­bers can take advan­tage of a ton of free games with Prime Gam­ing. Ama­zon recent­ly announced its Start Free­load­ing pro­mo­tion, with 25 free games avail­able for Prime mem­bers right now. More free games will be avail­able dur­ing Prime Day, with those being the cream of the crop form the list.

Keep in mind June’s free games for mem­bers are still avail­able, so there is real­ly 31 free games on Prime Gaming.

You can check out the full list of 25 games free games includ­ed in the Start Free­load­ing pro­mo­tion. Ama­zon has giv­en away some of these titles before, so it’s pos­si­ble you’ve already col­lect­ed them.

  • Rain World
  • Samu­rai Shodown II
  • Ser­i­al Cleaner
  • The King of Fight­ers 2002
  • The King of Fight­ers 2000
  • Met­al Slug 2
  • 10 Sec­ond Nin­ja X
  • Death Squared
  • The Dark­side Detective
  • The Dark­side Detec­tive: A Fum­ble in the Dark
  • Hue
  • The Crow’s Eye
  • Man­u­al Samuel
  • Met­al Unit
  • Fatal Fury Special
  • The Metro­nom­i­con: Slay the Dance Floor
  • 8Doors: Arum’s After­life Adventure
  • Bang Bang Racing
  • Gone Viral
  • Road Trip
  • Puz­zle of the Year
  • Pumped BMX Pro
  • Giana Sis­ters: Twist­ed Dreams
  • Addling Adven­tures
  • Clouds & Sheep 2

Of course, this list includes some great games if you’re in the mood to try some­thing new. How­ev­er, the games fea­tured dur­ing Prime Day are more note wor­thy, includ­ing: Mass Effect: Leg­endary Edi­tion, Grid Leg­ends, Need for Speed Heat, Star Wars Jedi Acad­e­my, as well as oth­er unan­nounced games. 

I am a Platinum lover and an ex- Cod-aholic. I've been playing games since I was 5 years old and I refuse to quit, despite my mother's attempts to get me to. God of War and its successors are my all time favorite games.

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