Pokémon Trading Card Game Live Announced, Not For The Switch

The Poké­mon Com­pa­ny announced the new Poké­mon Trad­ing Card Game Live for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. This is a new free-to-play app expe­ri­ence where play­ers can bat­tle oth­er train­ers all across the world.

The game will use the offi­cial Poké­mon Trad­ing Card game rules, and play­ers can pick up wher­ev­er they left off last on any sup­port­ed device, be it mobile or desk­top. A vari­ety of modes will be avail­able, includ­ing ranked and casu­al, as well as online matchmaking.

When start­ing the game, play­ers will get eight playable decks at no extra cost, as well as a begin­ner’s starter deck. Play­ers can add new cards to their decks by redeem­ing codes includ­ed in phys­i­cal boost­er packs or by earn­ing dig­i­tal boost­er packs with­in the game. At launch, Poké­mon Trad­ing Card Game Live will have the Stan­dard for­mat, but the Expand­ed for­mat will come at a lat­er time. Expand­ed for­mat will allow play­ers to col­lect cards from the Sword & Shield, Sun & Moon, XY, and Black & White series.

The game will also have a Bat­tle Pass and com­plet­ing dai­ly quests will pro­vide play­ers with XP, pro­gres­sion, and oth­er rewards like in-game cos­met­ics and boost­er packs.

Poké­mon Trad­ing Card Game Live will soft launch in Cana­da on mobile devices lat­er this year, along with a glob­al open beta for PC and Mac. Of course, there was no men­tion of the game com­ing to the Nin­ten­do Switch. 

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