Pokemon Might Have Big News Coming Tomorrow, See it During Nintendo Direct

Nin­ten­do announced today, via their Twit­ter, there would be some news regard­ing the Poké­mon fran­chise. The Poké­mon Com­pa­ny stat­ed from its web­site it would be “excit­ing news”. So we will have see what they have in store. 

This “spe­cial” news will only be a whop­ping 8‑minutes long, but who knows what it will entail, as there were no clues to what the pre­sen­ta­tion holds. You can see it tomor­row June 6th 7:00 a.m. PT/ 10:00 a.m ET on either Nin­ten­do Direct or Nin­ten­do’s Twitch chan­nel

They could be reveal­ing some­thing entire­ly unseen before when it comes to the Poké­mon fran­chise. We will bring infor­ma­tion as we get it. 

Source: Nin­ten­do Direct, The Poke­mon Company

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