Details about the pre­quel Poké­mon Leg­ends: Arceus are scant to say the least. How­ev­er, today’s Poké­mon Presents stream showed off a video that shared more details before the game’s Jan­u­ary release. =

The Poké­mon Com­pa­ny released a trail­er that unveiled numer­ous envi­ron­ments includ­ing a beach, snowy moun­tains, and a for­est of the Hisui region–which lat­er becomes the Sin­noh region. Explo­ration was the main focus of this video, includ­ing using Poké­mon as trans­porta­tion like a glid­er, boat, and even a mount. The trail­er also showed a train­er sneak­ing around using Poké Balls on unsus­pect­ing Poké­mon. At one point, the Poké­mon turn aggres­sive with glow­ing red eyes, mak­ing them dan­ger­ous. It appears once they’re aggres­sive they’ll always attack you, rather than your Pokémon.

The stu­dio explained that the game revolves around the Galaxy Expe­di­tion Team. You meet up with Pro­fes­sor Laven­ton who stud­ies Poké­mon ecol­o­gy, Cap­tain Cyl­lene of the Sur­vey Corps, and Com­man­der Kama­do from the expe­di­tion team. You’ll go out on the expe­di­tion and make base camp, and pre­pare for these out­ings by craft­ing or buy­ing items.

While explor­ing, you’ll man­u­al­ly throw Poké Balls at wild Poké­mon to catch them. Some Poké­mon will react dif­fer­ent­ly to you, with some run­ning away imme­di­ate­ly, hence the rea­son for hid­ing in tall grass to sneak up on them. You can start a bat­tle by throw­ing a Poké Ball con­tain­ing one of your own Poké­mon near a wild one. When it comes to bat­tle strate­gies, faster Poké­mon may be able to attack mul­ti­ple times before the oppo­nent can act. Your Poké­mon can choose between a strong style for extra pow­er but with a slow­er speed, or an agile style for faster attacks with less power.

The pre­sen­ta­tion also showed new Poké­mon like the Wyrdeer, the Bas­cule­gion, and the Hisui vari­ants of Braviary and Growlithe.

Pre­order for Poké­mon Leg­ends: Arceus are open on the Nin­ten­do eShop start­ing today.