Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event Started Today: Details Here

Niantic launched their sec­ond Hal­loween event ear­li­er today and this time they added new Poké­mon to expe­ri­ence, a new Pikachu cel­e­brat­ing in a new cos­tume, a new hat for your avatar, and plen­ty more. The Hal­loween event starts on Octo­ber 20th at 12:00 P.M. PDT and run until Novem­ber 2 at 1:00 P.M. PDT.

Pokemon Go's Halloween Event Started Today: Details Here

Sabl­eye, Banette, and a few oth­er Ghost-type Poké­mon orig­i­nal­ly dis­cov­ered in the Hoenn region will be mak­ing their first-ever appear­ance in Poké­mon GO.  The rest of the Poké­mon first seen in the Poké­mon Ruby and Poké­mon Sap­phire video games will slow­ly start arriv­ing in December.

Look out for the new Mimikyu’s Dis­guise Hat so your avatar can dress for the occa­sion. Can­dy rewards from catch­ing, hatch­ing, and trans­fer­ring Poké­mon will be dou­bled and bud­dy will find Can­dy twice as fast dur­ing the Hal­loween event. Last­ly, play­ers can open spe­cial box­es from the in-game shop. These box­es fea­tures items such as Raid Pass­es and Super Incubators.

Source: Niantic

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