Pokemon Go Update Live

Poke­mon Go is still going strong with reg­u­lar updates, new fea­tures and new Pokemon. 

Today Niantic released anoth­er patch for Poke­mon Go. Avail­able now for Android and iOS, this lat­est patch brings some big changes to Gyms and adds a whole new moti­va­tion sys­tem to the game. Niantic post­ed some quick patch notes, stating: 

  • Gym fea­tures sig­nif­i­cant­ly updat­ed to add the all-new moti­va­tion system.
  • Added new Gym Badge feature.
  • Added in-app and push noti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem for Gyms.
  • Added Raid Bat­tles, a new coop­er­a­tive game­play experience.
  • Added four new items avail­able only by com­plet­ing Raid Battles.
  • Added Raids tab to Near­by screen.
  • Added search func­tion­al­i­ty to Poké­mon col­lec­tion screen.
  • Added visu­al indi­ca­tor to unvis­it­ed PokéStops.
    “New Gym Fea­tures and Updates: Start­ing soon, Gyms are under­go­ing a major facelift. You’ll soon be able to spin the Pho­to Disc at Gyms to acquire items just as you do at PokéStops—but that’s only the begin­ning. More updates to Gym bat­tles are also just around the cor­ner. Gyms are no longer based on Pres­tige and train­ing. Instead, they now fea­ture six per­ma­nent slots that can be filled by the con­trol­ling team’s Poké­mon. Each Poké­mon assigned to these slots must be unique. For exam­ple, only one Blis­sey can be assigned to a Gym at a time. In addi­tion, oppos­ing teams will bat­tle the Poké­mon in the order they were assigned to the Gym.

    At the heart of the update is a new moti­va­tion sys­tem that will sig­nif­i­cant­ly change how you inter­act with Gyms. When a Poké­mon is assigned to a Gym, a moti­va­tion meter will be dis­played. Poké­mon assigned to defend a Gym lose moti­va­tion over time and as they are defeat­ed in bat­tle. As a Poké­mon los­es moti­va­tion, its CP will tem­porar­i­ly decrease, mak­ing it eas­i­er for oppos­ing teams to defeat. To help keep the Poké­mon moti­vat­ed and in tip-top shape for their next bat­tle, Train­ers can treat their team’s Poké­mon to some Berries, which restore their moti­va­tion. If a Poké­mon los­es all moti­va­tion, it will leave the Gym and return to its Train­er the next time it los­es a bat­tle, so you’ll want to keep your team’s Poké­mon moti­vat­ed by giv­ing them Berries frequently!”

New Raid Bat­tle Fea­ture: All around the world, you’ll soon be able to par­tic­i­pate in the new Raid Bat­tle fea­ture at Gyms. A Raid Bat­tle is a coop­er­a­tive game­play expe­ri­ence that encour­ages you to work with oth­er Train­ers to defeat an extreme­ly pow­er­ful Poké­mon known as the Raid Boss. Before a Raid Bat­tle begins, a large Egg will appear atop the Gym. When the count­down above the Egg reach­es zero, the Raid Boss will be revealed.

Before you can bat­tle the Raid Boss, you’ll need a Raid Pass. You can get one free Raid Pass per day by vis­it­ing a Gym, but you can only hold one at a time. You can also get Pre­mi­um Raid Pass­es from the in-game shop. Upon using your pass to join the bat­tle, you and up to 20 oth­er Train­ers work togeth­er to defeat the Raid Boss. If you suc­cess­ful­ly defeat the Raid Boss with­in the five-minute time lim­it, you’ll have the chance to catch an extra pow­er­ful Poké­mon of your own!”

 Any­one excit­ed for these new changes and addi­tions to Poke­mon Go?

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