Pokemon GO Fest Live Today, Players In Chicago Might See First Legendary

Niantic announced a few days ago the event that we’re going to be see­ing in Chicago’s Grant Park and that day has arrived. For Poké­mon GO fans, this is a big deal. Thou­sands of Train­ers in Grant Park and every­where, right now, are in the “Chal­lenge Win­dow” of Poké­mon GO Fes­t’s first year cel­e­bra­tion event:

This means the Train­ers in Grant Park and around the world have to catch enough Poké­mon dur­ing the Chal­lenge Win­dow to reveal the first Leg­endary Poké­mon in Grant Park. That’s not all. The Train­ers in Grant Park have to work togeth­er to beat the Leg­endary in order for it to start appear­ing to oth­er Train­ers world­wide in Raid Bat­tles, after Poké­mon GO Fest.

Also, there is a brand new in-game shirt avail­able today for the cel­e­bra­tion. Good luck to every­one hunt­ing out there today. Let’s hope we don’t just get to see a Leg­endary Poké­mon. You can catch the YouTube chan­nel here and Twitch here. Shirt below:

It appears Niantic was get­ting slammed with play­ers dur­ing this event, as their servers were hav­ing con­nec­tiv­i­ty issues a lit­tle over an hour ago. Hope­ful­ly, these get resolved and do not affect the out­come of the event:

Source: Niantic

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