Pokemon GO Announces Two Legendaries At Fest, Also Refund News

Niantic had quite a deba­cle today dur­ing the Poké­mon GO Fest at Chicago’s Grant Park. It was hav­ing major con­nec­tiv­i­ty issues dur­ing the fes­ti­val and dur­ing their Chal­lenge Win­dows. How­ev­er, this did not keep play­ers from catch­ing Pokémon.

The first Leg­endary Poké­mon added to Raid Bat­tles will be Lugia, which will be brought live to all Train­ers across the globe with­in 48 hours. Play­ers who attend­ed Poké­mon GO Fest in Chica­go and suc­cess­ful­ly signed into the event, were grant­ed Lugia direct­ly to their account.

Pokemon GO Announces Two Legendaries At Fest, Also Refund News The sec­ond Leg­endary Poké­mon was added based on the team that con­tributed the most dur­ing the chal­lenges. Instinct was in third, Val­or was in sec­ond, leav­ing Mys­tic in first place (Go Mys­tic!). So, as one would assume, Arti­c­uno is going to be sec­ond Legendary.

Pokemon GO Announces Two Legendaries At Fest, Also Refund News

If you were attend­ing Poké­mon GO Fest in per­son at Chicago’s Grant Park, you are enti­tled to a refund. It was stat­ed they would give details of the refund in an email, along with $100 in Poke­mon Coins for every­one who was at the park which were redeemable imme­di­ate­ly. This was for the obvi­ous incon­ve­nience of not being able to play or very lim­it­ed play for an extend­ed peri­od of time dur­ing the event.

Although, it is frus­trat­ing with the bugs and tech­ni­cal errors that plague the game, there is no rea­son to be unciv­i­lized. As shown by a Twit­ter user by the name of Samu­rai Don who post­ed this:

Please, be kind to the hosts, as they do not have any­thing to do with the prob­lems that are occur­ring and are only doing their best to keep the crowd as pleased as possible.

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