PlayStation State Of Play March 2022: Biggest Announcements From The Livestream

The lat­est PlaySta­tion State of Play revealed a some brand-new games, as well as a deep­er looks at pre­vi­ous­ly announced titles. Sev­er­al of these games and updates are on the way lat­er this year, so peo­ple won’t have to wait long to try them out. Either way, check out the biggest announce­ments from the March 2022 State of Play livestream below.


Exo­pri­mal is a brand-new IP from Cap­com, and it involves mech suits and dinosaurs. You can read more about it, here. Although it might not be Dino Cri­sis, it looks like it could be a dino-filled fun time with some friends. Exo­pri­mal is com­ing to PlaySta­tion 4 and PlaySta­tion 5 in 2023.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghost­wire: Tokyo is head­ing to the PlaySta­tion 5 and PC real­ly soon–March 25th to be exact. It’s devel­oped by Tan­go Games and is being pub­lished by Bethes­da. The game is root­ed in both hor­ror and super­nat­ur­al ele­ments, as you play the role of a pos­sessed young man who must defend him­self agains var­i­ous demon­ic spir­its. Pre­orders are avail­able right now from a num­ber of retailers.


A new game­play trail­er was shown of For­spo­ken dur­ing March’s State of Play stream, show­ing off the ambi­tious title. This trail­er shows Frey com­bat a vari­ety of ene­mies, includ­ing a flam­ing skele­ton, a giant lion, and even a fire-breath­ing drag­on. For­spo­ken is now sched­uled to release on Octo­ber 11th, after the game suf­fered a delay days before the State of Play livestream.

Returnal: Ascension

Although Retur­nal may not be a new title, it’s get­ting a brand-new update that might make it feel like new. Retur­nal: Ascen­sion will is the lat­est expan­sion to come to rouge­like and it comes with co-op cam­paign and chal­lenge tow­er. You can read more about Retur­nal: Ascen­sion, here.

JoJo’s Bizarre All Star Battle R

This is a remas­ter of the 2013 PS3 fight game by the same name, and it will fea­ture 50 char­ac­ters from the long-run­ning series. It also boasts wide are­na for large-scale fight­ing action. The game is sched­uled to release Fall 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and Steam.

The Diofield Chronicle

Square Enix is bring­ing anoth­er tac­tics game with the all-new IP The Diofield Chron­i­cle. It fea­tures war­ring nations and a mix of ani­me-style 3D mod­els and real­is­tic envi­ron­ments, it looks more akin to Final Fan­ta­sy Tac­tics. The Diofield Chron­i­cle will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nin­ten­do Switch, and PC in 2022.

Valkyrie Elysium

This is the next entry in the Valkyrie series and, again, Square Enix is at the helm. Valkyrie Ely­si­um offers an odd take on Norse mythol­o­gy were your char­ac­ter, Valkyrie, must fend off the end of the world. Based on the trail­er, the com­bat looks sim­i­lar to Dev­il May Cry. How­ev­er, you will still be able to recruit war­rior, or Ein­her­jar, to help you dur­ing bat­tle. Valkyrie Ely­si­um is sched­uled to release on PS4, PS5, and PC in 2022.

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