PlaySta­tion Now is one of the only ways to play many PlaySta­tion clas­sic titles on mod­ern hard­ware, but the stream­ing ser­vice has been lacking–only run­ning at 720p since its launch. That is final­ly chang­ing, as Sony will soon be rolling out 1080p sup­port across all PlaySta­tion Now regions.

Sony will be apply­ing this change dur­ing the fol­low­ing weeks, with cer­tain games sup­port­ing this fea­ture. The 1080p will espe­cial­ly be impor­tant for many PS4 titles on PlaySta­tion Now, includ­ing Hori­zon Zero Dawn, Bor­der­lands 3, and Mar­vel’s Avengers. This only applies to games that you stream–any PS4 games you can down­load will still sup­port the same res­o­lu­tions as dig­i­tal or disc versions.

The update will release across all regions, includ­ing the US, Europe, Cana­da and Japan.

PlaySta­tion Now is avail­able on PS5, PS4 and PC, and is one of the only ways to play many PS2 and PS3 titles (oth­er than own­ing the orig­i­nal hard­ware and games). In oth­er PlaySta­tion news, Sony reversed a deci­sion to shut down both the PS Vita and PS3 stores, so fans can still pur­chase games for those plat­forms. There was also a rumored PS Plus Video Pass that was going to be includ­ed with a PlaySta­tion Plus subscription.