PlayStation 5 CMOS Battery Issue Reportedly Fixed, Game Function Ensured

When the CMOS bat­tery in a PlaySta­tion 5 dies, you’ll still be able to use it to play games, accord­ing to a new report.

A new video from Hikiko­mori Media declares that a PS5 with an expired or miss­ing CMOS bat­tery will not stop the launch of any PS4 and PS5 games on the con­sole. The CMOS bat­tery pow­ers a PlaySta­tion’s inter­nal clock, so when a game is start­ed, the inter­nal clock ver­i­fies the date and time on a remote serv­er to make sure you can play that game.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, when a CMOS bat­tery died or was removed, the PlaySta­tion con­sole would ask that you man­u­al­ly plug in a date and time. It would then try to sync them online. If the PlaySta­tion Net­work was­n’t work­ing prop­er­ly at that time, then the con­sole won’t con­nect, mak­ing any games unplayable. This applies to all dig­i­tal games, as well as PS4 phys­i­cal games and a num­ber of PS5 ones. How­ev­er, this appears to no longer be an issue.

This means if there was ever a prob­lem with the PlaySta­tion Net­work being down (per­ma­nent­ly or not) in the future, play­ers could still access their games regard­less if the CMOS bat­tery was dead. Sony released an update to PS4’s back in Sep­tem­ber to cor­rect this problem.

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