Xbox One users can now pur­chase Pix­el Heroes: Byte & Mag­ic and pre-down­load it from the Xbox Store. It will not cost you much, a whop­ping $9.99 for the Steam/iPhone/Google game. 

Microsoft announced the addi­tion to the Xbox One a few days ago via Major Nel­sons’ (Lar­ry Hryb) Twit­ter account. If you have nev­er played Pix­el Heroes, it is a very strange RPG like game where, you guess it, every­thing is very pix­i­lat­ed.  The world is ran­dom­ized, with odd crazy events that occur and some pret­ty dead­ly dun­geons. Ohh, there are also some real­ly weird NPC’s, so don’t get to creep out. Below 30 sec­ond pre­view video of what this game what like on the app for the iPhone: