Pixel-Art Psychological Thriller “The Long Reach” Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC & Switch

Post­ed in a PlaySta­tion Blog, lead devel­op­er of Paint­ed Black Games, Roman Tomilin explained a lit­tle bit about his lat­est pix­el-art psy­cho­log­i­cal thriller adven­ture game “The Long Reach.” This is sup­pose to be a clas­sic adven­ture game, but with an “intri­cate sto­ry”, and obvi­ous­ly in a pix­el setting. 

Pixel-Art Psychological Thriller "The Long Reach" Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC & Switch

The sto­ry takes place in a fic­tion­al Amer­i­can town: Baer­vox. It all starts in a sci­en­tif­ic research insti­tute where a rev­o­lu­tion­ary accel­er­at­ed knowl­edge trans­fer­ring sys­tem is being devel­oped. As you could guess, things don’t go accord­ing to plan. The tech­nol­o­gy goes into a cat­a­clysmic mal­func­tion and both the insti­tute and the town have been effect­ed — it does­n’t look good. The devel­op­er stat­ed, “The sur­round­ing area has been turned into a real night­mare and the exper­i­ment par­tic­i­pants have trans­mut­ed into… well, we can­not tell you that for now, because we hate spoilers!”

You can see a short  trail­er below, if you are interested. 


You play as Stew­art, a junior researcher at the sci­en­tif­ic insti­tute. Stew­art is just a reg­u­lar guy, who will now take on the role of revers­ing this esca­lat­ing prob­lem. With you guid­ing him, Stew­art must show courage and intel­li­gence to save to world and sur­vive. It a clas­sic adven­ture style game, so to accom­plish your ulti­mate goal expect —lots of dia­logue, tricky puz­zles, col­lect­ing and manip­u­lat­ing items. The team over at Paint­ed Black Games is also attempt­ing an immer­sive play­er experience.

Pixel-Art Psychological Thriller "The Long Reach" Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC & Switch

Source: PlaySta­tion Blog


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