Photo Mode Added to God of War in a Patch Today

San­ta Mon­i­ca had announced, a lit­tle less than a week ago, they would be adding Pho­to Mode to God of War. Well, Today is that day. Play­ers won­dered why it was­n’t part of the game to begin with, but the devel­op­ment team reme­died the prob­lem quick­ly. They also

Pho­to Mode can be accessed through the Options Menu, or by enabling the Touch Pad Quick Access (which can be enabled via the settings).

Like every oth­er pho­to mode, the cam­era is con­trolled by the sticks. Press­ing Square will set the cam­era back to its orig­i­nal posi­tion. There are five tabs in the Pho­to Mode menu which are cus­tomiza­tion options:

Photo Mode Added to God of War in a Patch Today

  • Cam­era: Adjust the Field of View, Focal Length, and Cam­era Roll.
  • Aper­ture: Adjust the Depth of Field, Focus Dis­tance, and F‑Stop.
  • Fil­ters: Adjust the Film Grain, Expo­sure, Fil­ter, and Fil­ter Inten­si­ty options.
  • Bor­ders: Add a Vignette and adjust the Vignette Inten­si­ty, and Vignette Falloff. This includes a vari­ety of Bor­der styles and the offi­cial God of War logo.
  • Char­ac­ters: Tog­gle the vis­i­bil­i­ty of Kratos, Atreus, and all oth­er char­ac­ters in the scene. You can also change Kratos’s and Atreus’s facial expressions.

Along­side the pho­to mode patch 1.20 also increased the UI text size for the menus and an option to allow play­ers to remap Rage Mode.

Last­ly, San­ta Mon­i­ca released God of War Stick­ers for mobile devices. They are free, but are only avail­able for Apple devices right now. Android users will get them soon, but only through the PlaySta­tion Mes­sage App. 

Source: PlaySta­tion

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