Dur­ing the Microsoft-Bethes­da round­table livestream, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was asked a cru­cial ques­tion about how the part­ner­ship will impact exclu­siv­i­ty on the plat­form. Spencer respond­ed that there are “con­trac­tu­al oblig­a­tions” that must upheld, but the part­ner­ship is real­ly about deliv­er­ing exclu­sive games that “ship on plat­forms where [Xbox] Game Pass exists.”

Pete Hines is the one that threw the ques­tion at Spencer, who stat­ed he heard the com­mu­ni­ty and since he believes in being trans­par­ent, want­ed to be clear. 

If you’re an Xbox cus­tomer the thing I want you to know is this is about deliv­er­ing great exclu­sive games for you, that ship on plat­forms where [Xbox] Game Pass exists. That’s our goal. That’s why we’re doing this. That’s the root of this part­ner­ship that we’re build­ing and the cre­ative capa­bil­i­ty we will be able to bring to mar­ket for our Xbox cus­tomers. It is going to be the best it’s ever been for Xbox after we’re done here.”

Spencer clar­i­fied that Xbox has games on oth­er plat­forms, like Minecraft, which con­tin­ue to be sup­port­ed. Bethes­da games will fall into this cat­e­go­ry, as Spencer states that the com­pa­ny “loves those com­mu­ni­ties [of play­ers] and will con­tin­ue to invest in them.”

Short­ly after answer­ing Hines’s ques­tion, Xbox announced 20 Bethes­da games will head to Xbox Game Pass tomor­row.