Phil Spencer Says Elder Scrolls 6 Exclusivity Is Not About “Punishing” Other Platforms

Bethes­da Game Stu­dios is releas­ing The Elder Scrolls VI after Starfield, and just like that game, it will be an exclu­sive to Xbox and PC. Xbox head Phil Spencer has spo­ken out about the exclu­siv­i­ty deal, telling GQ it’s not about “pun­ish­ing” oth­er plat­forms. Mak­ing Elder Scrolls VI exclu­sive to Xbox and PC is impor­tant, because it allows Bethes­da to take full of what Microsoft has to offer.

It’s not about pun­ish­ing any oth­er plat­form, like I fun­da­men­tal­ly believe all of the plat­forms can con­tin­ue to grow,” he said. “But in order to be on Xbox, I want us to be able to bring the full com­plete pack­age of what we have. And that would be true when I think about Elder Scrolls VI. That would be true when I think about any of our franchises.”

This “full com­plete pack­age” Spencer is refer­ring to includes Xbox Live, Game Pass, Cloud Gam­ing, and oth­er Xbox fea­tures that would like­ly not be pos­si­ble if Elder Scrolls VI was released on oth­er platforms.

All we know about Elder Scrolls VI is that it’s an exclu­sive title, every oth­er bit of infor­ma­tion about the high­ly antic­i­pat­ed game is unknown. Todd Howard said in an inter­view that this Elder Scrolls game is being designed to have a long-last­ing impact, sim­i­lar to Skyrim

I think that would dri­ve me crazy to try to say, ‘Okay, this is the thing you have to top,’ ” Howard said of Skyrim. “But then you real­ize, like, The Elder Scrolls VI has got to be a ‘decade game.’ How do you make a game where you go into it, like, ‘Peo­ple have to play it for a decade?’ ”

Bethes­da’s next game is Starfield, which launch­es in Novem­ber 2022.

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