A Change.org peti­tion is call­ing for Sony to green­light Days Gone 2 has man­aged to gain over 50,000 sig­na­tures. The peti­tion was start­ed in ear­ly April, so the num­ber has grown quite a bit since it ini­tial­ly began.

Of course, this fol­lows a report from Bloomberg stat­ing the devel­op­er Bend Stu­dio pitched Days Gone 2 to Sony, which was reject­ed. That same report also claimed that a remake of The Last of Us was in the making. 

Since the pub­li­ca­tion of that report, plus sev­er­al key cre­ative staff behind Days Gone leav­ing Bend, fans and devel­op­ers have expressed frus­tra­tions with the lack of Days Gone 2. Direc­tor John Garvin, in a con­ver­sa­tion with David Jaffe, stat­ed fans should “buy a game a full ****ing price” if they “love it.”

If you have yet to play Days Gone, it is on its way to PC lat­er this spring, with a bunch of graph­i­cal improve­ments. It is also cur­rent­ly free this month for PlaySta­tion Plus subscribers.