Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event Starts Today

Over­watch’s New Year event has kicked off today and this is the Year of the Dog. Not only is this event going to bring new loot, but it also brought along some changes to Cap­ture the Flag. 

There are over 50 new sea­son­al items to unlock. New leg­endary skins includ­ing Black Lily Wid­ow­mak­er, Qin­g­long (Azure Drag­on) Pharah, Xuan­wu (Black Tor­toise) Zarya, and Bai­hu (White Tiger) Gen­ji and a cou­ple more. Last years gear is also avail­able at a dis­count. You can see these skins in the trail­er below: 

New Map

The lat­est map addi­tion, Ayut­thaya is for Cap­ture the Flag only. 

Overwatch's Lunar New Year Event Starts Today

Lijiang Tow­er also received a fes­ti­val face lift:

Overwatch's Lunar New Year Event Starts Today

Capture the Flag Changes 

Some sig­nif­i­cant adjust­ments have been made the CTF mode, start­ing with Flag pick­up being instant. How­ev­er, when a flag is dropped, play­ers can’t pick it up for 5 sec­onds. Flags return after 4 sec­onds and the return is not inter­rupt­ed when tak­ing dam­age. Mobil­i­ty and invul­ner­a­bil­i­ty moves will cause you to drop the flag. Sud­den Death now breaks ties at the end of the match. When time runs out, the match starts over, with the flags being brought clos­er to the cen­ter of the map. The first team to cap­ture, wins. These changes will apply to old Cap­ture the Flag maps as well. Ohh, and one more thing, music plays while car­ry­ing the flag! 

Along with these changes, Cap­ture the Flag has now has an all new com­pet­i­tive mode. As usu­al it comes with place­ment match­es, skill rat­ings tiers, leader­boards, com­pet­i­tive points, and more. 

Also added today is the abil­i­ty to change your Skins at the start of a match. The Lunar New Year Event starts today and ends on March 5th.

Source: Over­watch

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