Although there was a num­ber of leaks ear­li­er, Bliz­zard has con­firmed the details for Over­watch’s Year of the Roost­er and a new Cap­ture The Flag Mode.

Today play­ers can start earn­ing Lunar Loot Box­es. These con­tain at least one new item. Lunar Loot box­es will only be avail­able dur­ing the Year of the Roost­er Event which ends Feb­ru­ary 13. 

Cap­ture the Roost­er is a new brawl that is basi­cal­ly Cap­ture the Flag and will last for the dura­tion of Over­watch’s Lunar New Year cel­e­bra­tion. Game Direc­tor Jeff Kaplan states the mode is pure­ly focused on “fun”, but will have a few rules to make things fair. The two most unique changes are a small timer to pick up the flag and not need­ing your flag at base to score. There are no plans to make the mode a per­ma­nent part of the game how­ev­er Kaplan sug­gest that may change later.