Bliz­zard’s pop­u­lar shoot­er Over­watch is now playable with next-gen enhance­ments, but only for Xbox users. The new update on Xbox Series X/S includes three dif­fer­ent pre-sets that play­ers can choose from based on pref­er­ences like image qual­i­ty, res­o­lu­tion, and frame rate.

Choos­ing “res­o­lu­tion” will give an out­put up to 4k/60Hz on Xbox Series X and 1440p/60Hz on Xbox Series S. The “bal­anced” set­ting reach­es 1440p/60Hz on the Series X and 1080p/60Hz on the Xbox Series S. Last­ly, the “fram­er­ate” option boosts the game to 120 FPS but at as cost for image qual­i­ty and res­o­lu­tion. On Xbox Series X, it will be 1440p/120Hz and 1080p/120Hz on the Series S.

Of course, this will require a TV or mon­i­tor that is capa­ble of dis­play­ing 120Hz or vari­able refresh rate to see the full ben­e­fits of the “fram­er­ate” mode.

Bliz­zard’s patch notes did­n’t men­tion any next-gen upgrade for the PS5 edi­tion of Over­watch. This does not mean that one isn’t planned for a lat­er time.

This next-gen upgrade is part of a larg­er update for Over­watch, which fix­es a series of bugs, as well as gen­er­al changes across the game on all plat­forms. You can see the full patch notes, below:

Overwatch March 9 Patch Notes



  • [PC-Only] Added “Dam­age FX” options to the advanced Video options menu that will reduce the amount of impact effects seen dur­ing game­play and replays
  • Added a “Cus­tom Spec­ta­tor Options” menu for live spec­tat­ing that opens when you press the “View Spec­ta­tor Options Menu” but­ton as a spectator
  • Spec­ta­tor cam­era book­marks in live spec­tat­ing and replay view­ing now also save the cur­rent “Cam­era Field of View” (FOV)
  • Added “Cus­tom Game Invite Fil­ter” and “Cus­tom Game Invite Requests” set­tings to the Social options menu to allow play­ers to change and save who they can receive cus­tom game invites from
  • Updat­ed how off-screen impor­tant ele­ments (e.g. an explod­ing D.Va Mech) are dis­played on the screen to make them eas­i­er to find


Opti­mized for Xbox Series X|S Enhancements

Added “Pre­ferred Mode” graph­ics option which allows switch­ing between three dif­fer­ent pre­sets: “Res­o­lu­tion”, “Bal­anced”, “Fram­er­ate”. These modes adjust video set­tings to bias towards image qual­i­ty, res­o­lu­tion, and framerate.

  • Res­o­lu­tion” : This mode prefers high­er-res­o­lu­tion out­put at the cost of some image-qual­i­ty (Series X: 4K @ 60Hz, Series S: 1440p @ 60Hz)
  • Bal­anced” : This mode prefers image-qual­i­ty at the cost of res­o­lu­tion (Series X: 1440p @ 60Hz, Series S: 1080p @ 60Hz)
  • Fram­er­ate” : This mode prefers high­er frame-rate at 120 frames-per-sec­ond at the cost of both image-qual­i­ty and res­o­lu­tion (Series X: 1440p @ 120Hz, Series S: 1080p @ 120Hz)
  • NOTE: Not you must have a TV that sup­ports 120Hz or VRR (Vari­able-Refresh-Rate) to ful­ly take advan­tage of the “Fram­er­ate” mode



  • Added Work­shop Extensions
  • Spawn Points now returns an array of enti­ties rather than posi­tion vectors.
  • Opti­mized effect posi­tion evaluation

Devel­op­er Com­ments: We’re pleased to announce Work­shop Exten­sions, a sys­tem which allows users to enable cer­tain enhance­ments, such as access to new effects and increas­ing the num­ber of dum­my bots. These enhance­ments can be enabled using Exten­sion Points, which are earned by either dis­abling play­er slots, dis­abling all non-Work­shop maps, or a com­bi­na­tion of both. This sys­tem allows us to add resource-inten­sive fea­tures while giv­ing cre­ators con­trol over when they’re enabled. Check out the New Work­shop Exten­sions sec­tion in these and future patch notes!

Spawn Points now returns an array of spawn point enti­ties that have a posi­tion and fac­ing direc­tion. If you were already using this Val­ue in places that expect­ed a posi­tion, it will work as before. If you want explic­it­ly grab the posi­tion and fac­ing direc­tion data, you can use the Posi­tion Of and Fac­ing Direc­tion Of Val­ues respectively.

New Work­shop Extensions

  • Beam Effects
  • Beam Sounds
  • Buff Sta­tus Effects
  • Debuff Sta­tus Effects
  • Buff and Debuff Sounds
  • Ener­gy Explo­sion Effects
  • Kinet­ic Explo­sion Effects
  • Explo­sion Sounds
  • Play More Effects
  • Spawn More Dum­my Bots

New Work­shop Actions

  • Enable Text Chat
  • Dis­able Text Chat
  • Enable Voice Chat
  • Dis­able Voice Chat
  • Start Game Mode
  • Return to Lobby
  • Restart Match
  • Move Play­er to Team
  • Remove Play­er
  • Start Forc­ing Dum­my Bot Name
  • Stop Forc­ing Dum­my Bot Name

New Work­shop Values

  • Dam­age Over Time Count
  • Heal Over Time Count
  • Text Count
  • Dam­age Mod­i­fi­ca­tion Count
  • Heal­ing Mod­i­fi­ca­tion Count
  • Assist Count
  • Enti­ty Count
  • Local Play­er
  • Char In String
  • Index Of String Char
  • String Split
  • String Replace



  • Fixed a bug that caused spe­cif­ic abil­i­ties to per­sist on tar­gets after a play­er swaps off the hero that used them
  • Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed play­ers from using the escape menu to leave a cus­tom game under cer­tain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that would cause heroes to become stuck against some build­ings in midair
  • Fixed a bug with the Boun­ty Hunter game mode that caused Som­bra to be detect­ed when invis­i­ble if the Boun­ty Tar­get buff expires
  • Fixed a bug that caused play­er rag­doll mod­els to fall through the ter­rain when skip­ping kill cam playback
  • Fixed a bug that caused heroes knocked back by Doomfist’s Rock­et Punch to not always break railings
  • Fixed a bug when cal­cu­lat­ing the “Weapon Accu­ra­cy — Best” stat


Bliz­zard World

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Trac­er to blink and become stuck behind the two candelabras

Château Gail­lard

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Wreck­ing Ball to Piledrive from the ground and get stuck on cer­tain bush­es and corners


  • Fixed a bug with a col­li­sion loca­tion that allowed Wreck­ing Ball to unin­ten­tion­al­ly grap­ple upon it


  • Fixed a bug that caused the UI to incor­rect­ly reflect pay­load progress in rare circumstances


  • Fixed a bug that allowed play­ers to place tur­rets in an unin­tend­ed location


  • Fixed a bug with miss­ing play­er col­li­sion in var­i­ous loca­tions of the map
  • Fixed a bug that caused Rein­hardt to hit the door frame when charg­ing out of the sec­ond attack­er spawn room
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Reaper to tele­port through a small gap out­side of the sec­ond cap­ture point


  • Fixed a bug that caused play­ers to become stuck on a spe­cif­ic sec­tion of rooftop


  • Fixed a bug with play­er col­li­sion that allowed heroes to move through map geometry

King’s Row

  • Fixed a bug that caused Mei’s Bliz­zard drone to fall through the floor in cer­tain locations
  • Fixed a bug that allowed play­ers to trav­el beneath some col­li­sion but not be killed by the death plane


  • Fixed a bug that allowed play­ers to land on some snow piles on top of buildings


  • Fixed a bug that caused light­ing issues in the back of the sec­ond attack­er spawn


  • Fixed a bug that allowed D.Va’s Self-Destruct to go through walls caus­ing dam­age to enemies



  • Fixed a bug where Earth­shat­ter could be blocked by an Immor­tal­i­ty Field that was mid-deploy


  • Fixed a bug where a stun would can­cel trans­for­ma­tion from Recon mode to Sen­try mode


  • Fixed a bug where Doomfist’s Rock­et Punch impact ani­ma­tion would incor­rect­ly play twice
  • Fixed a bug where Doom­fist would incor­rect­ly main­tain ver­ti­cal momen­tum while enter­ing Mete­or Strike


  • Fixed a bug that caused her Translo­ca­tor bea­con to become stuck in a spe­cif­ic sec­tion of the Havana map

Wreck­ing Ball

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Piledriv­er to be used in unin­tend­ed sce­nar­ios after a suc­cess­ful Piledriver


  • Fixed an issue where Con­tin­ue could jump to the wrong loop in cer­tain cases
  • Fixed an issue where Brigitte would con­tin­ue using Pri­ma­ry Fire after it had been disabled
  • Fixed an issue where cer­tain abil­i­ties would col­lide with walls even when envi­ron­ment col­li­sion had been disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the Work­shop Inspec­tor would dis­play incor­rect play­er names
  • Fixed an issue where cer­tain but­tons were ignored dur­ing flight abil­i­ties even when they were held down via Workshop
  • Fixed an issue where beam effects were not ren­der­ing when going straight up
  • Fixed an issue where extra D.Va’s could exist in cer­tain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the Array val­ue would inter­fere with the cor­rect eval­u­a­tion of Cur­rent Array Ele­ment and Cur­rent Array Index
  • Fixed an issue where Start Fac­ing would not cor­rect­ly hon­or Eval­u­ate Once val­ues when mixed with Event Play­er or oth­er con­text-depen­dent values
  • Fixed an issue where Spawn Points would some­times fail to reeval­u­ate correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Hero Being Dupli­cat­ed would fail when Echo dupli­cat­ed D.Va
  • Fixed an issue where Play­er Died events wouldn’t trig­ger for envi­ron­men­tal deaths when Echo was dupli­cat­ing anoth­er hero
  • Removed the error sound that plays when attempt­ing to use an abil­i­ty that has been dis­abled by Cus­tom Game set­tings or the Workshop