Overwatch Summer Games Returning With Plenty of Surprises

Bliz­zard announced the extreme­ly well liked Sum­mer Games event for Over­watch, will be return­ing this year. Direc­tor Jeff Kaplan did say there would be some changes, includ­ing new skins, a new card to the Arcade, and even a way to get the old skins from last year. Sum­mer Games will run from August 8th-28th.

Overwatch Summer Games Returning With Plenty of Surprises

Kaplan start­ed off by men­tion­ing that every­one who was­n’t able to get the skins from last year’s Sum­mer Games, can def­i­nite­ly get them with cred­its. The old skins will be at a dis­count­ed price, reduced to the cost of a nor­mal loot box, which is a 1000 cred­its. He gave an exam­ple: “if you want Trac­er in her run­ner skin that she had in Sum­mer Games 2016, which was a Leg­endary, it will only cost you 1000 cred­its ver­sus the 3,000 cred­its that an event Leg­endary nor­mal­ly costs.”

Overwatch Summer Games Returning With Plenty of Surprises

He also said new skins would be com­ing as well and men­tioned spe­cif­ic char­ac­ters: Road­hog will be get­ting a “sporty” themed skin and Mer­cy (he did not men­tion her skin, but did say it was “his favorite). There was a reminder that this event would be the first time play­ers would be see­ing the sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion in dupli­cates from loot boxes.

Yes, Lúcioball is com­ing back to Sum­mer Games, return­ing with Rio Sta­di­um from 2016, but in the new loca­tion of Syd­ney, Aus­tralia! There are improve­ments to Lúcioball, as Kaplan explained:

  • Play­ers can no longer “boop” the ene­my goalie out of the way
  • Lúcio’s ulti­mate was changed, no longer allow­ing you to pull the ball towards you, but giv­ing Lúcio speed to “boop” the ball quick­ly and jump higher

A new card was also added this year to the Arcade, it’s called COPA: com­pet­i­tive Lúcioball. For three weeks of the Sum­mer Games play­ers can test their skill. If you place if you play your ten games com­pet­i­tive­ly in Lúcioball you will get a spe­cial spray. If you make it into the Top 500 in your region you will get an addi­tion spray.

That’s your Sum­mer Games. You can see what Jeff Kaplan had to say for him­self, below:

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