Overwatch PTR Changes Coming Within the Next Week

Jeff Kaplan, direc­tor of Over­watch, revealed PTR changes today. Accord­ing to Kaplan, some of the PTR changes made their way into the lat­est Lunar New Year (Year of the Dog) update. The PTR adjust­ments that made it into the last update were not ful­ly fin­ished and have since been removed. 

With­in the next week, PTR can expect to see sev­er­al changes to a few heroes, includ­ing Mei, Som­bra, and Doomfist. 


Mei has an impor­tant change com­ing to her freeze abil­i­ty, so now her pri­ma­ry fire goes from 1.0 sec­onds to 1.5 in the hopes of being able to freeze more mobile heroes. Mei is also receiv­ing more shots on her Endother­mic Blaster, so you have a few more oppor­tu­ni­ties to snipe faster play­ers when they are com­ing at you head on.


Her biggest change deals with her Ulti­mate, which now charges by deal­ing dam­age, instead of charg­ing through hacked health packs. The Translo­ca­tor’s dura­tion has been extend­ed and her Hack abil­i­ty now takes less time to use, as well as affect­ing ene­mies in dif­fer­ent ways. Some exam­ples include Gen­ji no longer being able to dou­ble jump and Pharah unable to use her hov­er jets. Kaplan stat­ed this was an “exper­i­ment” which could be “includ­ed or exclud­ed from Hack”, with the pos­si­bil­i­ty of oth­er abil­i­ties com­ing to Hack.


His weapon will now recov­er ammo more quick­ly, which play­ers may have already noticed since the last update, as it was acci­den­tal­ly added live to Over­watch. This adjust­ment is to give Doom­fist a more con­sis­tent dam­age pattern.


Kaplan also spoke of adjust­ments to Han­zo, but it does­n’t appear to be hap­pen­ing in the lat­est PTR update. The team is explored remov­ing the Scat­ter Arrow and replaced it with Pierc­ing Arrow. This is like a very fast sniper shot, but was aban­doned due to it pierc­ing shields, which is obvi­ous­ly frus­trat­ing. They’re exper­i­ment­ing with Han­zo’s reload that would allow him to use cer­tain abil­i­ties more often. It appears they are also work­ing on giv­ing him a new abil­i­ty, which will allow Han­zo to shoot arrows in rapid seces­sion. This could be seen in a future PTR update. 

Over­watch play­ers on PC can test out these changes, as Xbox One and PS4 don’t have access to PTR. No time was giv­en as to when these changes will go live on all plat­forms, but as usu­al, these adjust­ments might not make the cut or are sub­ject to more changes. 

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