Obsidian’s Avowed RPG Might Have Destructible Environments

Fall­out: New Vegas and The Out­er Worlds devel­op­er Obsid­i­an is mak­ing a new RPG called Avowed, and a new report has giv­en some insight as to what the game might be like.

Win­dows Cen­tral has head from its sources that Avowed has already been through pre-pro­duc­tion and is now in a playable alpha state. The report­ing web­site has actu­al­ly seen the game in its playable state. 

Avowed runs on a “sim­i­lar, albeit enhanced” engine from The Out­er Worlds, and it will have “action-ori­ent­ed first-per­son com­bat and deep RPG explo­ration and nar­ra­tive sys­tems.” Sources added the game will fea­ture two-hand­ed combat–like Skyrim’s–allowing play­ers to mix weapons or use a com­bi­na­tion of mag­ic and swords.

The game is set in the Pil­lars of Eter­ni­ty uni­verse, and numer­ous mag­ic spells from that series will be car­ried over to Avowed, as report­ed by Win­dows Cen­tral. Weapons can also be aug­ment­ed to add mag­i­cal attach­ments. Some crea­tures that can be found in the game includes wyverns and drakes.

If The Out­er Worlds was Obsid­i­an’s take on a Fall­out-style game, Avowed is undoubt­ed­ly Obsid­i­an’s take on The Elder Scrolls,” the site said.

Avowed may also include destruc­tible envi­ron­ments, with play­ers being able to use spells to set things ablaze, like blocked door­ways. This report did not clar­i­fy if Avowed is a ful­ly open world title or if it will be more like The Out­er Worlds.

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