Nomura On Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Development

Square Enix direc­tor Tet­suya Nomu­ra recent­ly spoke about the devel­op­ment of King­dom Hearts 3 and the Final Fan­ta­sy 7 remake with Famit­su. The full inter­view has­n’t been released how­ev­er there is a small pre­view via sil­i­con­era.

Nomu­ra states that the devel­op­ment of King­dom Hearts 3 is under­way, but has a ways to go. He specif­i­cal­ly says that unan­nounced worlds are far into devel­op­ment yet oth­ers remain untouched.

The pro­duc­tion process is dif­fer­ent than what we’ve had up until now, so I can’t just give you a gen­er­al idea, but I can say that there are worlds that still remain untouched.” 

As for a com­plete col­lec­tion of all the King­dom Hearts games, it does­n’t seem like­ly. Nor­mua states that the “tim­ing” just isn’t right. How­ev­er he says that there are plans for phys­i­cal box that can hold each of the King­dom Hearts remasters. 

The devel­op­ment of the Final Fan­ta­sy 7 remake is described as steady. That does­n’t mean that there will be a release any­time soon. 

While we are indeed work­ing on it, I think we’ll have you guys wait a lit­tle longer for both King­dom Hearts III and Final Fan­ta­sy VII Remake.”

Nor­mua end­ed the inter­view by thank­ing fans for their patience and ask­ing them to look for­ward to more infor­ma­tion and surprises. 

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