The last update to No Man’s Sky was a mere two weeks ago, when the free, Liv­ing Ship update released. Today, Sean Mur­ray, the founder of Hel­lo Games, announced the arrival of anoth­er update.

The team “resolved to increase the fre­quen­cy” of their updates for No Man’s Sky after the release of the Beyond update last year. It seems they are stick­ing to this plan, as a new, free, update has been launched today. It’s for PS4 own­ers and has been titled the Eco Mech update.

No Man's Sky Update Includes the Addition of Mech Suits

There are cur­rent­ly already four oth­er exocraft with­in the game: the Nomad, the Roamer, the Colos­sus and the Pil­grim. Today, a fifth was intro­duced: the Minotaur.

No Man's Sky Update Includes the Addition of Mech Suits

The Mino­taur Exocraft is a exocraft/ suit hybrid, which gives play­ers a dif­fer­ent way to explore plan­ets. It shields the pilot against hos­tile atmos­pheres, pro­vid­ing immu­ni­ty against haz­ards like radioac­tiv­i­ty and extreme tem­per­a­tures. The Mino­taur also fea­tures a pow­er­ful jet­pack that allows play­ers to soar about freely. 

Mur­ray is hop­ing play­ers enjoy the lat­est update, as well as to keep safe. It also appears the next update will sur­face in the com­ing months.

Source: PlaySta­tion