No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update Available Now — Combat Overhaul Included

No Man’s Sky just con­tin­ues on with the updates, as was promised by devel­op­er Hel­lo Games after the game’s launch back in 2016. The lat­est update offered to play­ers is the Sen­tinel update. This update fea­tures a com­plete com­bat over­haul, a “pet” drone of sorts, and much more.

Announced along­side its release, the Sen­tinel update is also allow­ing play­ers to have their own mech-bud­dy. This exo-mech friend can take the form of a full-on robot with the use of an AI core. The update also includes over­haul changes to the weapon sys­tems, brand-new Sen­tinel ene­mies with new com­bat behav­ior, and more lore.

The game has also seen some visu­al effect adjust­ments, includ­ing sup­port for AMD Fideli­tyFX Super Res­o­lu­tion 1.0, and NVIDIA DLAA (see more on Nvidi­a’s web­site). RTX cards can now take advan­tage of Nvidi­a’s DLSS support. 

Play­ers will also get more space for com­pan­ions, more places for mul­ti-tools, and awe­some tech­nol­o­gy like the new Cloak­ing Device. You can check out the rest of the large update for the No Man’s Sky Sen­tinel update, here.

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