No Man’s Sky Receives a Big Update This Week

Hel­lo Games announced a rather big update on Twit­ter today for No Man’s Sky, which will hap­pen some­time this week. Update 1.3 which is titled “Atlas Ris­es” and will be free for the PS4 and PC, just like all oth­er updates before it.

This updates focus is to “improv­ing the cen­tral sto­ry of No Man’s Sky” but will also allow play­ers to fast-trav­el to loca­tions using por­tals. There was one image Hel­lo Games put up on Twit­ter, that looks like it might be the por­tal, but they are being very hush, hush about this update:

No Man's Sky Receives a Big Update This Week

Patch notes for the update will be avail­able short­ly, hope­ful­ly before the update actu­al­ly drops.

Sean Mur­ray also talked about Wak­ing Titan (ARG cam­paign), where more than 250,000 peo­ple, from 174 dif­fer­ent coun­tries, came togeth­er to fig­ure it all out. He also went on to say more:

You’ve trav­elled great dis­tances both real and vir­tu­al under­tak­en com­plex tasks, and explored the depths of sim­u­la­tion the­o­ry. New friend­ships have been forged, and a tight-knit com­mu­ni­ty has been cre­at­ed. Most impor­tant­ly a cute ham­ster has a new home.”

If you wish to learn more about Hel­lo Games ARG Cam­paign, Wak­ing Titan, just click here.

Source: No Man Sky Website

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