No Man’s Sky Modder Adds Sean Murray’s Face To Everything In The Game

No Man’s Sky launched five years ago, and since then the game has had a num­ber of expan­sions. The next DLC is titled Fron­tiers, and one fan must be extreme­ly excit­ed that it has final­ly arrived. Video pro­duc­er Winder Sun has ben mod­ding Sean Mur­ray’s face into the game, and he can be seen on almost every surface.

It’s all good though, as the No Man’s Sky direc­tor seems impressed with Winder Sun’s abil­i­ty. First, Sun began putting Mur­ray’s face on an exocraft space­ship, on day two his face was plas­tered over por­tals and warps (which is quite dis­turb­ing, hon­est­ly), and day three saw plan­ets wrapped in Mur­ray’s face.

Winder Sun’s avatar in No Man’s Sky also went through some facial recon­struc­tion to resem­ble Sean Mur­ray. Flo­ra haven’t even been spared, as they have too evolved into Mur­ray blobs across the system.

Who knows how far Winder Sun will take this project, but it’s real­ly interesting–and some­times terrifying–to see Mur­ray’s face causal­ly past­ed on everything. 

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